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. let me repeat that. the so-called schumer-obama plan is a plan to permanently hand the president a credit card without spending limits and without lifting a finger to address the national debt. truly outrageous, especially when you consider that our debt is now $17 trillion, which makes us look a lot like a european country. we have to get our debt under control before we move any further down the road to greece or spain. and time is not on our side. now i hear the senator from new york is going to try and sell his proposal as a -- quote, unquote -- mcconnell plan. i appreciate the attempt at a p.r. gimmick here, but there are two huge differences between the schumer-obama plan and what i proposed in the past. first, schumer-obama would raise the debt ceiling permanently. i reject that idea entirely. and second, unlike schumer-obama i believe that increases in the debt ceiling should be accompanied by reforms. that's just what we did in 2011. when congress raised the debt ceiling in return for enacting $2 trillion in bipartisan spending control. the spending control the president
me repeat that. the so-called schumer obama plan is a plan to permanently hand the president a credit card without spending limits and without lifting a finger to address national debt. truly outrageous. especially when you consider that our debt is now $79 which makes us look a lot like a european country. we have to get our debt under control before you move further down the road to greece or spain. time is not on our side. now i hear the senator from new york is going to try and sell his proposal as a quote unquote mcconnell plan. i appreciate the attempt at a pr gimmick here that there are two huge differences between the schumer obama plan and what i proposed in the past. first schumer obama would raise the debt ceiling permanently. i reject that idea entirely. second, unlike schumer obama either the increases the debt ceiling should be accompanied at reforms. that's just what we did in 2011 when congress raised the debt ceiling and returned before enacting $2 trillion in bipartisan spending control. the
doctor, you like your plan, you can keep them under obama care. many had doubts. one major concern that those buying insurance on the individual market, people without employer coverage would see their plans cancelled. why? those plans tend to be cheap with less benefits. obama care requires insurers to beep up coverage. that costs money. the fear was that insurers forced to offer more benefits would raise rates or dump policies all together. that's exactly what is happening. contrary to the president's explicit promises. listen. >> actually, any insurance you currently have would be grandfathered in so you could keep. so you could decide not to get in the exchange the better plan. i could keep my acme i insurance, just a high deductible catastrophic plan. i would not be required to get the better one. >> but that's not what's happening at all. exactly what he said would not happen is happening. you are required to get rid of the acme plan. you are required to buy one on the, change and it is costing americans more. so far nearly a million policies have been cancelled. over ten mil
that is despite president obama's repeated promise that if you like your plan you can keep it managing editor bob cusack joins us. nice so see you, sir. >> hey, greta. >> what's your if you get to keep your -- if you like your insurance policy you get to environmental protection agency it? >> remember in 2009, 2010, they were down in the votes. they needed to get the votes even though they controlled both the house and the senate. they need to push it through. so they made some promises and i think there are s. going to be more congressional investigations who knew what when because now there are reports that the administration knew some people were going to lose their healthcare coverage? >> so they knew at the time? >> that's a new report that just came out. >> why did they say that? either they said that because they truly believed it or because they were trying to hood wink the american people. one or the other. >> some of the plans they are saying are really low level plans. okay. so that means that people don't pay as much to get into them. so, now,. >> but a lot of people like those. >> ex
plan and their doctor. back in 2010 the obama administration vaguely acknowledged this by noting the high rate of turnover when it came to the 14 million individuals who have private insurance as opposed to group plans. tucked in the federal register, the obama administration noted the normal turnover rate for individual insurance is up to 67%. because of changes mandated to plans by obama care, turnover would likely exceed that range. we haven't even mentioned the employers who are pushing workers off their plans and on to the obama care exchange because it is cheaper. this doesn't sound like if you like your plan, keep your plan. in fact, back in 2009, the young white house correspondent challenged the president on that issue. some may have resulted in folks being force flood new plans against their wishes. >> what about keeping your promise to the american people they swroen to change plans even if employers -- >> when i say if you have your plan and you like it and your doctor has a plan or you have a doctor and you like your dock, then you don't have to change plans, what i'
the following -- nothing in obama care forces people out of their health plans. no change is required unless insurance companies change existing plans. now i'm gioing to you in a second, but the obama care requires the plan, and the insurance company says i'm changing your plan. and the president said it's the insurance company's fault. >> it's true. 85% of the people who have employer based health care, their situation is essentially the same only it's better because now we have insurance reform that makes this thing as stephanie said, pre-existing conditions and things work better. on the folks on the individual market, we've now said you can't have a plan that basically has all these fine-print points and doesn't pay. there has to be some basic standards. so if the plan you're offering doesn't meet those standards, then you've got to upgrade. that's what this is all about. the fact is i this think this is an improvement in people's lives. we are scrutinizing this thing. and let's face it, newt, there's a lot of people whose scrutiny isn't on the up and up because they have never liked hea
lose their health plans under obama care. >> what you said about keeping your health care plan isn't true. >> they can keep. it >> no, they can't. they got cancellation notices. you can't keep. it the president said you can't. why are you saying you can. i don't understand. >>> the eternal flame of the grave for president kennedy is restored temporarily relocated so repairs could be made. >>> democrats are voting for a bill to authorize the president for additional spending without raising the debt ceiling. the goal is to avoid future fights over the debt ceiling. that bill is not expected to pass the house. >>> and facing more than 70 grand in fines. the labor department said she violated the head quarter were overcrowded with materials that blocked emergency exit. >> i will take some designer hand bags off of her hands. >> or shoes or hand bags. apparently it was a lot of that there. >> too much. >> you might get your pick. >> are you not familiar with the health care law? >> i am very familiar with the law. >> the president is aware of provisions that were snuck in the law that
. americans may not be able to keep their healthcare plans under the obama care. they have known this since 2010. kelly wright joins us now from washington with more on the huge blow to americans. >> good morning to you. the affordable care act continues to prove problematic. the president always promised if you already had health insurance you could keep your plan no matter what. now it turns out it is a promise that can be broken and likely will. there are some existing healthcare plans that people do have that don't qualify for obama care. they are pushing legislation to help consumers keep their current plan. it is causing critics to lash out at the president after lengthening the enrollment period to avoid 6 weeks to avoid fines. >> this is a law the president continues to revisit the law, he continues to make changes. this is a time to give every american an opportunity to delay it a year. >> the president still saying wd to sign up for it. >> you lack at the number of young people who want health insurance who are having trouble affording it. secretary kathleen seb beal why yous will
insurance companies for can selling plans within they are forced to by the obama care mandates. >> are you exactly right. it not their fault and, you know, we knew early on, private and mutual, cancelled a million policy, i think they announced that a year, a year-and-a-half ago something like that for people across the country. so they knew what they were getting into. the administration made the promise all along that if you liked your health insurance, you could keep it. even in the documents that we've seen already, we know they knew three years ago that, in fact. people were going to be forced to lose the policies that they had, that they may have liked. >> what do you expect from miss sebelius tomorrow? we've read her testimony that was released. it is not apologetic in the least. it looks like she's going to stonewall, in particular, where do you want to go with her? >> well, i have not read the testimony yet. i'll look at that later on this evening. i know that we had a republican meeting earlier today. we talked about a lot of questions. we're going to be asking, how many people h
, you'll be able to keep your health care plan. period. >>> and a reality check on obama care sticker shock. many people who weren't happy about paying more may actually be getting more. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in the situation room. >>> we begin this hour with breaking news. we have new information about a confidential report. the obama care website had problems, a warning to the administration shortly before the launch that apparently that warning was ignored. we have team coverage of the obama care under fire right now. what are you learning? >> well, in newly obtained documents, we're now getting a fuller picture of how much the government new or should have known about problems with the website on the same day that a mea culpa was issued. they were warned that the obama care website wasn't ready to go live. cgi issued this confidential report. it warned of a number of open risks and issues for the website. the report gave the highest priority to things in plain language like we don't have access to monitoring tools. not enough time and schedule to perform adequate
promise from president obama. if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan he said it often. but an insurance industry source now says most americans on individual plans will see their existing coverage changed or even cancel. the white house says obama care will mean better more comprehensive coverage but at what the cost? the head of the agency in charge of creating the obama care website was asked about that at a congressional hearing today. >> this man wrote me and said, my wife has been recently informed by her insurance carrier that her health care policy does not comply with the affordable care act. now we must purchase a new policy to get the aim coverage at an 18% increase in our premium. so what happened to the if you like your insurance, you can keep it. >> what i would tell that individual is if their carrier is telling them they're changing the plan and offering an increase, that they would need to go take a look what's available in their state and in their market. which is certainly something that's available to them through the exchanging >> yeah
. after weeks of questions about whether the obama care website could be fixed and when many say that is masking what is the real issue here. how much these plans will actually cost. it was one of president obama's key selling points for the new health care law. >> if you've got health insurance, it doesn't mean a government takeover. you keep your own insurance. keep your own doctor. if you like your plan you can keep your plan. >> reporter: but in los angeles, that isn't what debra cavalaro is finding. she buys her own insurance. her employer sent her this notice reading because of the requirements of the new laws we can no longer offer your current policy. >> all i want is what i currently have. i want to keep my doctors and i would like to have lower premiums. >> reporter: the insurance company is offering her is new plan that would cost her $484 a month versus her current $293 premium, a 65% increase. why so much more? the affordable care act requires all plans include ten essential health benefits from maternity care to pediatric services. the administration points out many
between diane's $54 plan and a new obama care plan also fails to take into account the possibility of available subsidies designed explicitly to help people shoulder the cost of health care. more on that in a moment. but there is underneath all of that a basic truth here. insurance plans are being canceled. if, for example, your health insurance plan does not cover ten essential benefits required under the new affordable care act, stuff like prescription drugs, maternity care and mental health care, and if that policy was sold to you after the law went into effect in march of 2010, then that policy may, in fact, end january 1st of next year. and to understand why the right is making so much hay out of this, why they are obsessed with it, why it's leading drudge, the source of the uproar, you have to understand two basic truths about american health care that guided the entire design of the affordable care act. all right, are you listening? number one, the american health care system is way, way too expensive and leaves too many people uninsured. it delivers the worst value of any s
and democrats are pushing president obama to delay parts of the plan. the president is taking heat for this promise. >> if you like your doctor or health care plan, you can keep it. >> reporter: but cbs news has confirmed insurers are telling more than 2 million americans they will lose coverage because it does not meet new government requirements. those people have to sign up for a new plan through the health care exchange. danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> tomorrow they will grill kathleen cep bell yays. many are calling for her to resign in the wake of the troubled health care web site. >>> the white house is said to be looking at whether this country should end a program that allows the nsa to spy on foreign leaders. senator diane feinstein says she was flabbergasted such spying could take place. she is calling for a total review of all such activity. >>> there are more problems for the contractor that operates speed cameras in baltimore county. the county claims xerox failed to recalibrate a dozen cameras in february. according to the "baltimore sun" xerox was force
could not keep their health plans. despite president obama's repeated assurances to the american public if they like their plan they could keep it. here to weigh in, a visiting scholar at the american enterprise institute and which lowry, editor for the national review. i will start with you. hundreds of thousands of people. nyh take a look at these numbers , california, new york, all of the country, florida, losing coverage. we were told not once, not twice, but multiple times that we could keep our insurance plans. what happened? >> it represents an enormous credibility problem for this administration. he said it repeatedly. it is on tape. we are hearing it over and over again on every media outlet. he did not know, you should have. this is a key basic element of the law, creating a federal definition of insurance. your plan does not meet the definition you are out of luck. anyone would have known this is going to happen. gerri: to you. the administration is fighting back saying that, well, look, the information was out there. he talked about this a couple of years ago in the media. i
with individual plans will find their policies changed or canceled under obama care rules. the white house said those p- they will be -- said they will be able to buy more comprehensive coverage. >> the need to provide greater security to those americans who had no other option. >> reporter: in washington reporting. >> you just heard about the promises made by the president. people who like their healthcare plan can keep it. steny hoyer said the affordable care act didn't allow some to keep their insurance. hoyer told a reporter from the national review that some policies wouldn't meet minimum requirements of obamacare that the president's promises weren't misleading, they're just not clear enough. >>> meanwhile democrats are proposing a fix to the debt ceiling. he wants to authorize additional federal -- republicans blasted the proposal saying the debt limit increase needs to be papered with similar cuts. the constitution gives the power to congress' loan. >>> how the town has been. >> if you love crab cakes, you've known it for a long time. how a restaurant was honored today. >> we made it to
took to twitter to "nothing in obama care forces people out of their health plans. no change is required unless insurance companies change existing plans." liberal columnist jonathan tate responded in new york magazine that in fact the new law is the very reason insurance companies are now dropping people. wrote jar rod's claim sheer absurdity. a promise that felt like a mere oversimplification may eventually feel like one in retrospect currently feels like a lie." >> so when you say nothing in obama care caused that, that's not true. >> again, i'm not going to challenge, you know, this in the sense that if that's the point, the fundamental point, which jonathan and others make there that the affordable care act creates a minimum standard for all insurance plans, the answer is of course it does. >> reporter: all of this is leading republicans to declare the website woes are just the tip of the iceberg. now we learn that it's only if the white house likes your insurance you can keep your insurance. >> reporter: and the white house is pressing the media to add the caveats the p
high profile supporters. president obama now plans to join terry mcauliffe this sunday for a campaign rally in northern virginia. former president clinton appeared with mcauliffe yesterday in herndon. mr. clinton is on a three-day swing with his former big fund- raiser through the commonwealth and the republicans are lending star power to attorney general ken cuccinelli. louisiana governor bob ji jindal will appear in support of cuccinelli. virginia attorney general cuccinelli was also in northern virginia last night. he was supported there by kentucky senator rand paul, a favorite of the tea party. they spoke to a packed crowd at the fairfax firehouse. >>> 5:35. time to talk money once again. >> jessica doyle is back. she joins us from the newsroom with details on how big apple is getting. good morning, jess. >>> good morning to both of you. pretty big is the answer. the rumors of apple's decline greatly exaggerated. turns out the company sold nearly $34 -- 34 million iphones and more than 14 million ipads from july through september. that was more than expected. overall earnings sli
cancellation letters saying those plans don't meet the new obama care standards. lisa myers also reports, the white house knew for years that this promise would not be true because when the regulations were finally written, the way they were written meant that many individual policies could not be, quote, grandfathered in as the president promised, for example, on february 25, of 2010. >> any insurance you currently have could be grandfathered in so you could keep. you could decide not to get in the exchange the better plan. i could keep my acme insurance, just a high deductible, cat strofk plan. i would not be required to get the better one. >> number two, more affordable coverage. all over, there are repeated references to more affordable coverage. once again, nbc news investigative unit reports millions of buyers of individual plans are finding out their premiums, instead, are rising sharply higher. number three, you can't be denied because of a preexisting condition and you can't be dumped by an insurance company. yes, those are true. but what the white house may have
often hammered her on the issue of insurers dropping plans in the individual market because of obama care rules. she repeatedly insisted it's the insurer's decision. >> do you know if it's true, as the president has said and many democrats have said, if you like your health care plan, you can keep it. is that a true statement? >> there were health care plans that were grandfathered in. >> is that a true statement. >> it is a true statement. >> some congressmen telling her that's a lie. some democrats went on the offensive like bill pass ka rel who stood up to defend parts of obama care like mandatory coverage with preexisting conditions, leading to a ts testy exchange. >>. >> you're going to tell the parents of those kids which one of you is going to stand up and tell the parents of those children the game is over, sorry, that was just a phase. >> gentleman yield? >> yes, i will. >> it's a false choice to say it's obama care or nothing. there are numerous proposals including the one that i'm a co-sponsor off. >> i yield back. take back the time sir. let me take the time back. are you
care act this month, president obama repeatedly said if americans liked their insurance plans and their doctors, they would be able to keep them under the new law. but nbc news is reporting the obama administration knew for several years the majority of people who buy their own health coverage wouldn't be able to keep this happen their policies under obama care. nbc says those forced to buy new insurance may experience sticker shock from higher premiums. when the law was passed in march of 2010, it was supposed to grant grandfather in existing policies, even if they didn't comply with the rules. but that same year, the department of health and human services rewrote some regulations essentially getting rid of the grandfather exemption. now, the white house isn't disputing the report, but tells nbc most individual policyholders should receive better health coverage that's more affordable thanks to government subsidies. the administration says no policy will be canceled due to pre-existing medical conditions. now, congress will get the chance today to grill the top administratio
, it was the health care promise heard over and over again from president obama. >> if you like your health care plan, you keep your health care plan. >> now nbc news has learned millions of people who buy individual policies that do not offer enough benefits have to switch to a new plan. why didn't the white house make that clear. secretary kathleen sebelius
. >>> if you plan on signing up for obama care, you've got six extra weeks to do it. the extension comes after the botched website has kept americans from signing up for insurance under the new policy. people have until march 36 to enroll for 2014 only. >>> and the sugar beverage battle is now moving to san francisco. supervisor scott wheaters plans to set a tax on sodas. how much? $0.24. it will go towards health and nutritional programs for young people. those people we spoke with said it's a good idea. >> i'd vote for the tax as longas know it's going towards that program and definitely going -- as long as i know it's going towards that program and definitely going to that, i would. >> the idea will need support from the majority of the board of supervisors to get on the november 2014 ballot. a similar tax measure was defeated last year in richmond. >>> it looks like sugar, but no, no. it's snow. there is some significant snowfall in the sierras this evening with more than a foot at the highest elevations. that means wintery driving conditions, change will be required by some areas. well yo
's ceo was asked about the new health law and report that says the obama administration knew millions of americans would not be able to keep their insurance plans. >> the only people who can keep their plan indefinitely are people who in the individual and small group market were in that% market before march 23rd, 2010 and over that period from march 2010 until now did not change plans. >> acquisitions that the white house misled people to believe they could keep insurance plans and the website resulted in heated questions on capitol hill today about what went wrong and who is to blame. bertha coombs has more. >> reporter: mike was surprised when anthem blue cross notified him the family health plan would no longer before offered. >> the primary reason they said is there is ten or 11 components that every plan has to carry. >> reporter: the retierped executive say as comparable plan on will cost twice as much 140 0 a month. >> i was shocked to find out my plan was being cancelled and not compliant and my shock, i guess, kind of turned maybe to anger. >> reporter: there
a universal health care plan. i don't know what the it was. it was an attempt for obama care to get something through which nobody thought about and we know nobody read it. now it's a disaster. >> i like the idea of what ron johnson is doing here. everyone has heard if you like your plan, keep your plan. he says, okay, pass an act that says if you like your plan you can keep your plan act. i would add if you don't save $2500 a year then president obama ought to give you a refund. those were the promises made. >> promises mean something, right? >> they should. we don't agree. from his point of view this is his biggest achievement. this is the thing for which history will judge barack obama one way or the other. you would think he would have at least gotten the website correct. how hard is that to do it correctly. >> how do you screw up in 2013, spend that amount of money on a website. we had a computer expert with his own company on the program that said he would be embarrassed to take a million dollars, it would be up working and there wouldn't be problems. >> i had to face y2k when i was may
republicans crying crocodile tears over the problems with the rollout of president obama's health care plan. they're pretending all they want to do is fix it. can you believe that? they just want to fix it. >> we've gone through 44 votes, 48 votes now, of you trying to dismantling the legislation. you call that cooperation? i don't. >> i like that guy out of his chair. >>> plus it's been a year since hurricane sandy hit the northeast and aid still isn't getting to many of those who desperately need it. >>> and let me finish tonight with the voters' want for politicians to work together. this is "hardball," the place for politics. the end. lovely read susan. but isn't it time to turn the page on your cup of joe? gevalia, or a cup of johan, is like losing yourself in a great book. may i read something? yes, please. of course. a rich, never bitter taste cup after cup. net weight 340 grams. [ sighs ] [ chuckles ] [ announcer ] always rich, never bitter. gevalia. american express credit card, every purchase earns you 2% cash back, which is deposited in your fidelity account. is that it? actually
impression. >> if you take the line that president obama repeated, which is if you like your health care plan, if you like your doctor, you can keep it. when that turns out for most people to be not true, do you think that -- does that undermine the entire law or do you think they can turn this around? they say it will be working by november 30th. >> that's just one of the things that aren't true about the obama care law. the most important to me was they promised it was going to be $890 billion. it's now up to $1.8 trillion. if this continues, if people, a, can't sign up, or, b, don't want to sign up because it's too expensive, we're seeing that. young people say it's just cheaper for me to take this tax. think about that for a second. if that continues at this pace it could be a $3 trillion or $4 trillion expense to the american people. he said you can keep your interest. they lied about so many things. to get this thing passed. from top to bottom. they talked about abortion not being in it originally. they even got one congressman to sign on, promising him abortion wasn't going to be in it
their own insurance were told by president obama they could keep their plans suddenly cannot. >> we're talking about the 5%, who purchase insurance on the individual market. that market has been like the wild west. >> reporter: that 5% in the individual insurance market translates to 14 million people. the real question now about the wild west, is whether the president was fast and loose with the facts. >> if you like your private health insurance plan, you can keep your plan. period. >> reporter: the white house is now adding all kinds of contact and qualifier saying, what he meant is, anyone who had insurance before healthcare of signed into law in 2010 is grandfathered in, except on third anniversary of bill signing president put out a written statement using present tense, quote, if you like the plan you have, you can keep it, monday night, top white house advisory took to twitter to claim, nothing in obamacare forces people out of their healthy plans, no change is requires unless insurance companies change existing plans, liberal columnist responded in new york magazine that ne
you get any answers. >> the answers were mumbo jumbo. the question i posed was president obama in june of 2009 said if you like your doctor, you can help them. if you like your halve plan, you can keep that. and that's turning out not to be true and its incredibly significant to the rollout is one thing. that's a disaster. but don't just focus on the rollout. look at the underlying statute. this is program that is clearly not ready for prime time. >> whether it's delay the individual mandate or otherwise or not, i'm wondering, knowing the problems we encountered now and steny hoyer and people saying, we kind of knew a couple of the americans here and there would lose their coverage. do you think it would have passed the legislation would have gotten further than it did? >> i think there would have been a more robust debate. this became ore -- orthodoxy for the democratic party. it was jammed through when harry reid had 60 votes. they couldn't do any changes on it once scott brown won his election and the threshold dropped below 60. they have been unwilling to negotiation and they're no
people worried that they are going to lose their medical plans because of obama care. are you worried? >> no. >> yes, yes. >> they are not worried? >> that's not low information voting. that's no information voting f.knowledge were water, that audience is death valley. but now we're reminded of old news, the white house new millions of people would lose their health insurance, well, at least obama was honest with us. >> if you've got health insurance, you like your doctor, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor, can you keep your plan. if americans like their doctor, they will keep their doctor, and if you like your insurance plan you will keep it. no one will be able to take that away from you. if you're one of the more than 250 million americans who already have health insurance, will you keep your health insurance. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period. >> he said period. even his punctuation lies. now the white house calls this a normal turnover, so was po
? >> well, if you're in kentucky, virginia, or idaho and have a plan that doesn't meet obama care's requirements, insurers will discontinue your current plan and are expected to offer new plans that meet the new requirements. for some people, that could increase their premiums. for others who might qualify for a subsidy under obama care, it could be cheaper. either way, you're going to get a new plan. >> so let's use kentucky for an example. what happens there? >> about half of the roughly 600,000 people in the state's private insurance market will have their current insurance plan discontinued by the end of the year. and i talked with a state insurance department official who told me that the important thing for people to remember is that they can't compare their old plans to their new plans. because the new plans include things that have never been covered before. so that could leave many people confused and upset. afterall, the president said they could keep their current plans. >> chris, thank you. speaking of all this, jay carney was just asked about this. the white house dai
reform is to do away with plans like this. they are essential health benefits offered with obama care. this is what we call new standards that must be provided to consumers. why doesn't that get reported by all the people who think that, well, 40 to 60% of the people are going to be losing their insurance. over 2 million. 2 million people in this country, charlie, have got lousy insurance and obama is trying to do something about it. that's your headline on cbs, dude. first, ambulatory patient services are going to be included. doggone it, they're going to give you a ride to the freakin' hospital. you could get covered without being admitted to the hospital. this, of course, is another good thing. emergency services are going to be covered. hospitalization is covered. this includes even surgery? oh, yeah. maternity and newborn care is on the list. mental health and substance use disorder services are also covered. prescription drug costs, they are required on this plan, as well. rehabilitative services are covered. this includes things like physical therapy. laboratory services must b
that every insurance plan has to provide. >> if he does not succeed with obama care, expansive liberalism, i think it will be set back a full generation. >> i refuse to see this country in all of us shrink from these struggles, which are our responsibility and our time. because what we are now talking about in our children's day will seem to be the ordinary business of government. >> wow. jfk versus ronald reagan. talking about medicare and health care back in the day. two political icons in american history. and, of course, it was realized under lbj. and i think that we're going through a little bit of this right now. big-time. 30 years from now, we're going to be thinking about, gosh, obama had a lot of negativity on him. you know, there is so much negativity right now taking place in the media, i find it absolutely amazing. it's almost as if we're afraid to say a positive statement about health care for millions of americans. let's start with the numbers tonight, if we can. obama care by the gallup poll was at 41% with the american people back in august. in october, it was at 45%. it's ga
there are some individual existing health care plans that do not qualify for obama care. >> what is the political fallout when the other guys committing suicide get out of the way. >> today marks one year since superstorm sandy ripped through the northeast. people still picking up the pieces. >> does not a day go by without thinking about it. >>> big storm in colorado and portions of nevada. ten inches possible. >> you're watching a worldwide world of surfing a wave of 100 feet off the coast of portugal. >> all that -- >> and the red sox win game five! tremendous pressure, pushed it up not even close, ball game over. and the seahawks survivor. >>> and "all that mattered" -- >> an army staff sergeant traveled quite the distance to make his daughter's birthday wish come true. >> daddy's home. >> really? >> yes. >> daddy! >> on "cbs this morning" -- >> there needs to be additional constraints on how we gather intelligence. >> there are english speaking countries we don't spy on? >> yes. >> because i can think of unenglish speaking country we do spy on and that's
'll be reporting on how swarms of locusts have eaten the crops in madagascar and a new plan to kill them. ♪ u.s. president barack obama ordered a review of the national security agency intelligence operations acknowledging more constraints are needed and he is being criticized over the nsa tapped angela merkel's phone and snooped on other european allies and we have more. >> reporter: the practice of listening in on the phone calls of the leaders of allied countries could be about to end. in an interview president barack obama says that national security operations generally have one purpose, to make sure the american people are safe. but i'm initiating now a review to make sure what they are able to do doesn't necessarily mean it's what they should be doing. this is prompted by reports in germany that president obama was briefed on the surveillance of chancellor merkel's known in 2010. administration officials say it's not true and a white house review only discovered the surveillance of world leaders in the summer and say the bugging of merkel's phone and soon after. a delegation from the
health care plans under obama care. we'll get the latest on that after the break. also ahead, eugene fama was awarded the nobel peace prize in economics. and storm sandy, the second costliest storm in history. more "squawk on the street" in a minute. after your company's gone public? and the capital's been invested? or when your company's bought another? is it over after you've given back? you never stop achieving. that's why, at barclays, our ambition is to always realize yours. at a ford dealer with a little q and a for fiona. tell me fiona, who's having a big tire event? your ford dealer. who has 11 major brands to choose from? your ford dealer. who's offering a rebate? your ford dealer. who has the low price tire guarantee, affording peace of mind to anyone who might be in the market for a new set of tires? your ford dealer. i'm beginning to sense a pattern. get up to $140 in mail-in rebates when you buy four select tires with the ford service credit card. where'd you get that sweater vest? your ford dealer. >>> if you like your current plan, you will be able to keep it. let me repeat
your plan you can keep your plan act. i would add if you don't save $2500 a year then president obama ought to give you a refund. those were the promises made. >> promises mean something, right? >> they should. we don't agree. from his point of view this is his biggest achievement. this is the thing for which history will judge barack obama one way or the other. you would think he would have at least gotten the website correct. how hard is that to do it correctly. >> how do you screw up in 2013, spend that amount of money on a website. we had a computer expert with his own company on the program that said he would be embarrassed to take a million dollars, it would be up working and there wouldn't be problems. >> i had to face y2k when i was mayor. everybody was afraid the computers would go down. people let out of jails, trains wouldn't run. we spent a couple hundred million to make sure it worked. i started getting briefings on that 16 months before. joe lhota was in charge. >> currently running for mayor. >> i would be briefed once a month. when we got closer, once a week. there wer
that millions would lose their plans. you can't keep your plan under obama care. some, anyway. it's tuesday, october 29th, 2013 and "squawk box" begins right now. >>> good mortgage, everybody. i'm becky quick along with joe kernen. andrew ross sorkin is on assignment today. he'll be back tomorrow. >>> on the fed news, ben bernanke will be gathering with other fomc members for a two-day meeting. a policy meeting is set for tomorrow. economists say this is likely to be more of a strategy session with no action from the central bank. the senate banking committee is considering holding a hearing on janet yellen's nomination on december 14th. the panel needs to vet the nomination before it can go to the full senate for final consideration. steve liesman reported last week senator rand paul said he was thinking of putting a hold on yellen's nomination unless a voet vote was loud on his proposal for more transparency on the fed. beyond the fed, there are some other economic happenings. namely, at 8:30 eastern time, we have two reports delayed by the government shutdown. first, we go the consumer p
what you do about it. for the united states of course, obama put forward the climate action plan. if you have not looked at in detail all the layers you to do so has the three major pillars. one is mitigation. we will return to that. so fundamentally start cutting down on gas emissions in the united states in fact, we're at the lowest level of the missions in about two decades. but the plan given the realities that we are not likely to see anything like comprehensive legislation in the near term, said the plan is based upon existing authorities and executive action across the administration, department of energy clearly has a lot but i will say before moving on that in my opinion, going back to not debating what is not debatable i do think we have turned the corner on that issue. is the uniform? of course, not. but i believe we are including and past the issue if we need to respond to focus on the challenge what is it that we can do ultimately with legislation even as we carry out obama as aggressive climate action plan in the next several years? with the mitigation clearly effic
. president obama has given repeated assurances about americans being able to keep current plans if they're happy with those plans under the affordable health care act and speeches going back as far as four years ago. listen. >> if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor under the reform proposals that we put forward. if you like your private health insurance plan, you can keep it. if you like the plan you have, you can keep it. if you like the doctor you have, you can keep your doctor, too. we will keep promise to the american people. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan period. if you like your doctor, you'll be able to keep your doctor. if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan. if you've got health insurance you like your doctor, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan. >> well, it hasn't really worked out like that not exactly anyway. joe johns joining us from washington. but like a lot of things,
. this is according to a report from nbc news. the plans will be canceled because they don't meet the standards laid out by the new law. reportedly, the obama administration has known about this for the past three years. the white house says in most cases those with canceled policies will be automatically shifted to plans with better protections. >>> and here in california, the director of the state health program says he plans to reveal enrollment numbers in mid- november. peter lee says once the figures are posted, they will be very detailed broken down by city, age of enrollees and which kind of plans they have selected. >>> barry bonds is, again, trying to get his obstruction of justice conviction overturned. yesterday, the home run leader's legal team filed a question with the circuit court of appeals in san francisco to reconsider the refusal to overturn his conviction. last month, the three-judge panel upheld the conviction linked to the balco steroids scandallal. they are -- scandal. they are asking for an 11-judge panel to reconsider the case. >>> partly to mostly cloudy and cool temperatur
foundation say the insurance companies have no choice. obama care forces them to drop many of their plans that don't meet the law's ten minimum standards, including maternity care, emergency visits mental health treatment and even pediatric dental care. that means consumers have to sign on to new plans even if they don't want or need the more generous coverage. industry experts say about half of the people getting these letters will pay more. half will pay less thanks to taxpayer subsidies. >> the winners outnumber the it. industry experts say for everyone, the best get to c >> thanks, janet. the obama administration is thinking seriously this morning about ending surveillance programs. . . . leaders. the a allies are said they'y're fufurious the national secu >> sources tell "the los angeles times" that the obama white house did approve many of those oppositions. margaret brennan is at the state department. margaret, good morning. >> good morning, norah, and to charlie. european lawmakers tell us they're upset by the volume of information collected by the nsa and want
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